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World Language Curricula

All MTMS students are required to participate in a three day per week Spanish program in grades five and six as detailed via the Spanish Curriculum related files at the bottom of this page.

In seventh grade, students have the option to participate in either a two year French program, a two year Spanish program, or a two year Mandarin program. Historically, successful completion this two year, five day per week world language program has earned our students 'one year' of world language credit at West Morris Mendham High School. Our two year, seventh and eighth grade world language programs are outlined in the related files at the bottom of this page as well.

Alternate Option

In certain situations, it may be most advantageous for seventh and or eighth grade students to participate in a two day per week world language program called "Spanish for Daily Use". The other three days per week are utilized for academic lab, which provides our students with opportunities to hone and sharpen academic skills aligned to the curriculum. In that participation in this program precludes students from earning high school world language credit, enrollment in "Spanish for Daily Use" must be approved by the building principal. "Spanish for Daily Use" is detailed at the bottom of this page.

***New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards***

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