Science Curriculum

 Elementary School
Middle School

The MTMS science curriculum detailed below encompasses a brief topical narrative for each major unit of study as well as essential questions; estimated unit lengths; resources; correlations to the New Jersey Core Standards; and learning outcomes.

Paramount to the successful implementation of our science curriculum is a fundamental belief that students will learn and retain conceptual and procedural knowledge most effectively through authentic engagement, exploration, explanation, elaboration. and evaluation. As a result, the instructional staff employs the environmental characteristics and instructional strategies encompassed within the 5E Model of Inquiry <--- click for great link to strategy overview.

The Common Core "Literacy in Science" Standards integrating reading and writing skills into science are located here.

The curricular documents below are delineated by grade level.

***New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards***

If you have questions regarding our curricular documents, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

Grade 5 Science Units - Outcomes
Grade 6 Science Units - Outcomes
Grade 7 Science Units - Outcomes
Grade 8 Science Units - Outcomes