Activities and grants

Activities and Teacher Grants Funded by the PTO

´╗┐Cultural Arts Programming

Donations to enrich academic life:

  • A full set of leveled readers for a K class
  • Membership to math practice websites for a 1st grade class and a 2nd grade class
  • 2 visual presenter cameras for the ES
  • 80 copies of Long Walk to Water book for the 4th grade
  • Replacement parts for Makerspace resources at the ES
  • A set of seat sacks for a 2nd grade class

Donations to enrich student physical well-being:

  • 6 picnic tables for outdoor learning/lunch/snack for the ES
  • Soccer nets for the ES
  • New classroom seating options including wobble stools in a 2nd grade class, and scoop seats for K and 1st graders
  • Recess equipment including kickballs, hula hoops and more

Donations to enrich student cultural and social learning:

  • ES Buddy Bench
  • Record player and record for MS
  • Visual production equipment for MS
  • Pumpkin patch experience for pre-K and K students
  • A set of 50 choral music binders for ES
  • Art supplies and sign for ES Rock Garden 
  • Sound system for ES
  • Kindergarten Ice Cream Social
  • Seasonal decorations throughout the school year

Speakers and presentations including:

  • One-Book-One-School workshop at the MS
  • Presentations by motivational speaker Scott Chesney at both schools
  • Speech Doctor Workshops at the MS
  • Virtual NYC experience for 8th graders 

Teacher/staff care and appreciation including:

  • MS Teacher Lounge updates
  • Back-to-school luncheons at both schools
  • Holiday gifts
  • Mini, mid-year "thank you" treat