Summer Reading Program

2018 MTMS Summer Reading

Students must read a book of their choice of the summer and complete one of the following activities on that book. All presentations should include the students name, title and author of the book chosen and should be brought to LA class on the 1st day of school for receive credit.

Suggested Reading List HERE.

Radio Exchange or Interview:
Have one of the characters in your book participate in a radio interview or call into a radio show for advice.Record the interview or conversation (recording should be at least 2 min. long.)

Draw a Scene:
Think of an important scene from your book and draw the way you see it. On the back write a brief description of the scene and why it was important to the plot.

Create a Character Alphabet:
Chose a character from your book and create sentences based on the alphabet to demonstrate your knowledge of the character. For example if you were writing about Auggie from Wonder: See Sample HERE

A is for the ASTRONAUT helmet Auggie wears on Halloween that makes him feel like the rest of his classmates.
B is for the BULLYING Auggie experiences when he goes to school for the first time.

Create a Pamphlet:
Think about an issue that is important to one of the characters in your book and create a pamphlet designed to educate and persuade others about the importance of this issue. For example if you read Hoot by Carl Hiaasen you could make a pamphlet about saving the burrowing owls.

Snap Chat Conversation:
Create a mock Snap Chat story with at least 8 “snaps” from the point of view of one of the characters. Add screen shots of snap chat images to Powerpoint, or poster.Make sure the images and captions reference your character and the book in meaningful ways. Write 2-3 sentences about each snap and explain why you thought the character would post it to their account.

Letter Exchange:
Create a letter exchange between a character and the author or a series of letters between two characters.Make sure each character reveals what they have learned about himself, others, and life as a result of their experiences in the book.

Playlist or “Mixed Tape”:
Create a playlist for one of the characters in the book that includes at least 5 songs.Make song selections based on the characters personality and experiences in the novel.Write a brief description of each song and explain why you included it in the playlist.

Word Collage:
Write the title of your book in the center of a piece of paper or paste a picture of the book cover.Use magazines to find at least 50 words, phrases and sentences that tells something about your book’s plot, setting, characters and theme.Keep in mind that the visual impact of your collage should communicate a lot about the book to a potential reader.

Create a Characters Room:
We learn a lot about people by what they have in their closets, hang on the wall and how they decorate a space.Select a character from your book and create a bedroom, living room or other living space for them.You can draw the space or write about it, making sure to explain the design choices you made.