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Defining Blended Learning

See Dr. Ciccone's 8/27 Presentation on Blended Learning procedures here (<Click)

The Blended Learning configuration refers to in-person learning on campus - with the student body split into a blue group and a gold group who attend school in an alternating fashion. When a group is in school they are called "Roomers".  When a group of students is learning either in an alternate location at school or at home they are called "Zoomers." There are even some students who are not coming to school at all who are 100% virtual.  Every instructional room will be virtually interactive (equip with web cams and microphones) to make all of this happen.

All instruction takes place in the homeroom and teachers will rotate through the classrooms.

Blended Learning will begin on September 8.

The table below illustrates the days that each team have in person (Roomers) instruction with the teachers. Wednesday is a 12:15pm dismissal for all students.

Due to the small class size of the 20-21 fifth grade class, they will have in-person instruction all week.

Below are some slides I used to present the Blended Learning Configuration to parents via a Zoom meeting.