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Registration/Withdrawal & Change of Address Forms

Please complete each as required under this section to register your child:

- In addition to completion of the following forms, please provide an original birth certificate and 2 proofs of residency (deed, tax/utility/insurance bill etc.).
- If your child requires an epi-pen, asthma plan, health screening exemption, permission for school nurse to administer medication please visit the Health Forms tab above.
- If your child intends to tryout for an interscholastic athletic team, please visit the Athletic Forms tab above.

Required for Registration:

- Registration/Transportation Form (FORM M 1)
(Original Birth Certificate/Passport Must be Presented)

- 2019-20 District Health/Emergency Card (FORM M 2)

- Out of State / Foreign Student Immunization Form (FORM M 3)
(For use by students registering from other states and countries)

- Concussion Head Injury Fact Sheet (FORM M 4)

- 2019-20 Homeowner/Renter Certification of Residency (FORM M 5)
(Must be notarized and returned with 2 proofs of residency)


- Student Contract - Computer Acceptable Use Policy (FORM M 7)

- 2019-20 Consent for Publicity Form (FORM M 8)

-  2019-20 6th GRADE ONLY grade  Immunization Letter and 6th grade Vaccine Table (FORM M 9) (completed by physician)

Addition Forms:

- 2019-20 Free and Reduced Lunch Letter (FORM M 10) (to be completed as needed)

-2019-20 Science Opt Out Letter (FORM M-11)

- Zero Period Transportation Request Form (FORM M 12), REQUIRED for early am music busing and Zero Period extra help busing (grades 5-8)

- Tuition Student Application (Form M 16)

Withdrawal Forms:

- Student Withdrawal Form (FORM M 13)

- NJ State Student Transfer Form (FORM M 14)

Change of Address Forms:

-Pupil Change of Address Form (FORM M 15), REQUIRES 2 proofs of address ie. deed, tax/utility/insurance bill etc.

Health Forms

Athletic Forms

All Required Forms must be completed on line on our Sport Registration site