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  • Students should have paper and pencil handy to complete any scratch work in math / science, however all assignments will be submitted via Google Classroom.
  • Students need online access to Google Classroom - all school Acceptable Use Policies / and School Code of Conduct policies apply to distance learning.
  • There is a record of all searches, chats, and online interaction - Code of Conduct applies to all of it!
  • Find a quiet place to work - headphones are highly recommended
  • Log on to Google Classroom at the time of all scheduled classes (classroom.google.com) .
  • First, access the "classwork" tab to review the lesson agenda.  Google Classrooom will be the spring board for all lessons and assignments.
  • Second, follow the directions and links set out in the teacher's agenda.
  • Third, participate in assigned live streams / interactive activities and or watch all assigned videos.
  • Fourth, complete all assigned independent work and submit via Google Classroom.
  • Fifth, students who need help should visit the grade level specific Extra Help
  • There will be multiple teachers associated with every class so extra help is readily available.
  • Report technical issues to pricci@mendhamtwp.org -  Add your number to the email so a tech can call you back.

Additional Distance Learning Information

  • In the event that students can not "attend" the live stream / interactive activities, the streams/activities will remain accessible for students to complete at a later time.  
  • Students will complete all assignments in order to be considered "present" for the school day.
  • Parents must email absences to dnisivoccia@mendhamtwp.org.
  • Feeling down? Need to chat with our counselor?  Mrs. Perrotta is available everyday from 2pm-3pm @ "Daily Dose of Wellness" at chat.google.com
  • Need to speak individually with our counselor?  Send Mrs. Perrotta an email at aperrotta@mendhamtwp.org
  • Have a question for our nurse? Mrs. Giarrusso is available everyday from 2pm-3pm @ "Daily Dose of Wellness" at chat.google.com
  • Need to speak individually with our nurse?  Send Mrs. Giarrusso an email at egiarrusso@mendhamtwp.org
  • Ms. Hare is providing art projects that can be completed on many different levels - in order to participate at the highest level a students would need the following: heavy white paper or tag board, construction paper, acrylic, tempera and/or watercolor paint, paint brushes, scissors, glue stick and liquid white out, colored pencils, markers, tracing paper or white tissue paper, and pastels.