Picture of Mr. Dan DePugh
Athletic Director: Mr. Dan DePugh
973-543-7107 x 654


Coach Contact Information:

FALL 2018
Cross Country: Coach DePugh -
Boys' Soccer: Coach Haggerty -
Girls' Soccer: Coach Hooker -
Field Hockey: Coach Hueston -

Winter 2018-2019
Boys' Basketball: Coach DePugh -
Girls' Basketball: Coach Surella -
Cheer-leading: Coach Sodora -
Boys' Volleyball: Coach Clausen -
Girls Volleyball: Coach Racz -

Spring 2019
Girls' Lacrosse: Coach Hueston -
Boys' Lacrosse: Coach Sodano -
Baseball: Coach Clausen -
Softball: Coach Sodora -

Picture of 2017 Cross Country Team

Mendham Township Middle School Lacrosse  Team Picture
Girls Basketball Picture of number 10 scoring.
Mendham Township Middle School Boys Volleyball team picture
Picture of girls softball award

Online Athletic Registration

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Required Athletic Forms

All Required Forms must be completed on line on our Sport Registration site

Games Schedule / Calendar

Directions to Opponent's Schools

Concussion Testing / Training

ImPACT applications logo

1. All MTMS students in grades 6-8 partake in baseline concussion ImPact testing. New students and grade 6 students will participate during the first week of school. For more information on ImPact testing please visit click HERE.

2. Coaches Concussion Training CDC Website Link




Player Contract

All students are required to sign and return the player contract below before the first day of the season. A printable copy is located here.

Mendham Township Middle School Player Contract

1. FAMILY AND SCHOOL COME FIRST. Your family and grades come before athletics. This refers to circumstances that will affect your grades. Do your homework and study when you should. If you don't wait until the last minute to do your homework or study, then your academic requirements will rarely interfere with your sport.

2. ATTENDANCE TO ALL PRACTICES AND GAMES ARE REQUIRED. Each team member must make the Mendham Township Middle School team his/her first priority. Participation on an outside team is permissible; however, in fairness to the other students, Mendham Township Middle School teams must be the first priority in the event of conflicts. All conflicts should be discussed with the coach in advance whenever possible.

In the event of an absence from a practice or a game, players are required to bring a signed note from your doctor, a parent, or a teacher stating the reason for your absence.

Students may be dismissed from the team for the following reasons:
a. Two or more unexcused absences from games or practices.
b. Failure to obey the school rules and procedures at home games and when visiting other schools.
Fighting, obscene gestures, profanity or rudeness to
coaches or officials will result in immediate suspension from the team.
c. Failure to maintain academic standards required for participation in interscholastic sports as defined by the Board of Education Policy #6145.
d. Failure to obey school rules and procedures as determined by the Principal.

3. All players are to treat teammates, coaches, and officials WITH RESPECT AND COURTESY. Any inappropriate behavior towards players, coaches, or officials, such as profanity or any actions demonstrating lack of self-control, WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

4. Players will be constantly evaluated on their demonstration of coach-ability, hustle, mental and physical
toughness, LOYALTY to the team, unselfishness, and the desire to improve their skills.
I, ____________________________________, (Print Name)
agree to abide by the expectations described within this player contract.
Signature of PLAYER: ___________________Date_____________

My child has shared with me the expectations described on this sheet, and I will give them all the possible help and support needed to meet them successfully.

I understand that my child will travel to and from all away athletic events on the team’s school bus,under the supervision of the coach and or a Principal appointed Mendham Township School District certified teacher. If I elect to remove my child from the bus, I must SIGN him/her out in the coach’s sign-out book before leaving the venue with my child. A parent may only sign out his/her child. Carpooling with teammates from athletic events is prohibited.

Signature of PARENT: _______________________Date____________

Team Site Schedules and Scores

Girls Soccer and Field Hockey teams sweep Bernardsville 7-1 and 4-0. Go girls!!!

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Picture of the start of a cross country meet
Picture of a sports award