Zero Period Schedule


At MTMS our students are all educated in classes with extremely high academic standards and very rigorous curricula. We truly believe all students can learn at this high level, but we also believe that many students require additional time to gain mastery over material. Therefore, our mathematics and language arts programing includes supplemental classes during enrichment and before school (zero period).

If your child needs transportation / busing to any zero period class, complete the 20-21 busing form (<--- click here for form) and return it to the main office.
If your child is struggling or just needs some additional support, please do not hesitate to contact his/her teacher and or attend the zero period classes.
There is no prior permission needed to attend these classes – students simply show up.
Please note the following:
- All MTMS zero period supplemental classes start at 7:22 am and end at 8:03 am
- Students who wish to attend zero period must arrive on-time for the classes,
- Students may report to classes as often as they like, and
- Supplemental language arts and math classes not listed on the Zero Period schedule above take place during enrichment periods within school hours. The school reserves the right to schedule students into academic instruction periods in place of enrichment activities during the school day. Due to unanticipated events, zero period schedules are subject to change throughout the school year.