Student Work Samples

Grade 6 Night Write October, 2017

"After 6th grade students read the novel Coraline, they wrote a response which focused on the novel's theme that courage is shown when you do something even when you are scared or nervous to do it. Students copied the writing style of Neil Gaiman and "exploded the moment" by adding description, figurative language, and humor to their narratives."

Grade 7 Night Write 9/11/17

Students in Ms. Varjian's grade 7 LA class participated in the following lesson:

Objective: The learners will
- Identify, list, & analyze the elements of effective public speaking, particularly speeches.
- Closely read, annotate, & analyze written handouts of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “Day of Infamy” speech and George W. Bush’s speech given on the evening of 9/11/2001
- Watch each speech 2-3 time
- Compare, contrast & evaluate the effectiveness of both speeches in their content and delivery through annotation & graphic organizer
- Choose one speech to analyze and explain how our nation as a whole responded to it via independent research.

Youtube links to speeches:

FDR Declares War (12/8/41)

CNN - Ex-President George W. Bush's Post 9/11 Speech

Night Write:

Evaluate each speech and provide your own opinion on each in terms of effectiveness. Be sure to support your statements with text examples. Then, choose one of these speeches and independently research our nation’s response to it during the time it was delivered. Did it have its intended effect? How do you know?