Homework Calendars & Posting & Guidelines

Beginning on the first day of school, all MTMS teachers will begin posting homework, test, quiz, and project due dates located via the links above. The following guidelines define the scope of teacher and student responsibilities. Please contact us with questions and or concerns 973-543-7107 ext 2.

Online Homework Posting Guidelines

  1. Teachers will reproduce their in-class ‘homework board’ online every day that school is in session.  If there is no homework, the teacher will post “no homework” or “none” will be posted.

  2. Homework, quizzes, and special projects will be placed online via links from the Middle School home page.  Tests will be posted on the homework assignment calendars and Assessment Calendars in grades 5-7 as soon as the teachers are aware of the dates.  Unannounced assessments obviously will not be posted.  

  3. All homework / assignments that are due on the next school day will be posted by the teacher by no later than 3:30 pm.  For example, assignments due on Tuesday will be posted by no later than Monday afternoon at 3:30 pm.  If it is not posted, a student will be given an extra day to complete the assignment if necessary.  

  4. Once an assignment is written on the homework board and the students leave the classroom at the end of the period, the teachers will not alter or adjust the assignment online in any way.  If circumstances arise and this does occur, see number 6 below.  

  5. Students are highly encouraged and in some cases required to utilize Google tasks and Google Calendar to log assignments. At the discretion of the classroom teacher, internet outages, webpage outages, or lack of internet access may suffice as an excuse for missed assignments.  In this case, students will be given one additional night to submit completed assignments. 


If there is a ‘conflict’ between what is written on the classroom homework board and what is posted online, students will be permitted an additional day to complete the assignment ONLY if he/she successfully completes one of the assignments.  It is not permissible for students to identify the ‘conflict’ as the reason for not completing either assignment.


Every Student, Every Day!