Decorative photograph of staff
photograph of staff
MTMS teachers play THE essential role in educating our students. They are highly qualified, highly skilled, and highly collaborative professionals whose success is measured not by their intense focus, sweat equity, or above and beyond efforts, but by the achievement and growth of their students - true ownership of student outcomes! Our teachers further recognize that their primary roles are to inspire students, empower self-sufficiency, develop learning partnerships, and implement systems of instruction that produce exceptional achievement for ALL students.
MTMS serves about 300 students in grades 5-8. Each grade level is guided by an independent team of highly qualified teachers. Each team has one common planning period per day to coordinate programs and instruction that maximize the probability that every student will reach his or her highest potential. Meet our teams by visiting the links below:

Fifth Grade

Sixth Grade

Seventh Grade

Eighth Grade

Special Ed Staff

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Decorative photograph of staff