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Middle School Art Curriculum


If you have questions regarding our curricular documents, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. The MTMS ART program focuses on the elements of 'art and design' while providing exceptional hands-on project-based experiences for our students. The craft of assessing / critiquing student work and effectively communicating feedback to peers is an essential component of the program. Self-assessment is also critical.

Art is part of the Related Arts Department and all students participate for one trimester per year.

Below you will find general learning objectives and related projects delineated by grade level.


If you have questions regarding our curricular documents, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

Art Curriculum 5-8



English-Language Arts



1. Teacher Facilitated Literature Studies

All MTMS students will read SIX core novels per grade level in language arts class. Additional novels will be read at the discretion of the classroom teacher. There are four corresponding fundamental themes (Tolerance, Courage, Maturation, and Adventure) that spiral through our reading selections as indicated in the 2017 2018 Core Reading List. As it is our school community’s Mission to lead our students to life-long learning and to responsible productive lives, these themes are fundamentally essential to in-class discussions, writing prompts, homework assignments, and assessments. The book Wonder, by RJ Palacio was required reading for all MTMS students during the summer of 2013. The book A Long Walk To Water is required reading for the 2015 summer.


Students are assigned reading from core novels, self selected reading, and additional articles distributed by the classroom teachers at least four nights per week as follows:

5th Grade: 10 pgs 1st semester/15 pages second semester
6th Grade: 15 pgs 1st semester/20 pages second semester
7th & 8th grades: 20 pgs all year

In conjunction with nightly reading, students respond to teacher created higher order / critical thinking writing prompts aligned to learning outcomes as delineated in the curriculum on four nights per week. The following day in class the writing is reviewed. 


2. Self-Selected Reading

All MTMS students will self-select books to read throughout the school year. The activity / assignment / assessment associated with the self-selected readings will address Fundamental Literary Elements

(characterization, plot & conflict, setting, narrative point of view, and mood & tone) as delineated in the related file charts below.


The MTMS staff is committed to providing students with a plethora of authentic writing instruction, experiences, activities, and assessments through the integration of content from all subject areas. Additionally, we strive to improve writing fluency through daily journal activities and approximately 23 timed writing samples, which are assessed via a New jersey Holistic Writing Assessment Rubric. Teachers systematically document individual and group progress so to target areas in need of improvement.

All students will self-select two writing pieces per marking period and rewrite/edit/publish these pieces to a "final draft". Various strategies and procedures will be utilized to complete this activity. These 8 finished pieces serve as the students' writing portfolio.

Research Strand

See learning objectives related to research by Clicking Here


Grade 5 - Language Arts Curriculum 

Grade 6 - Language Arts Curriculum 

Grade 7 - Language Arts Curriculum

Grade 8 - Language Arts Curriculum


Library - Media


Music, Dance, and Theatre

Grade 7 music students working on Logic Pro to create 3 minute musical stories !!

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Physical Education and Health

Grades 5 - 8 Health & Physical Education Curriculum
Grade 6 - "Too Good For Drugs" (MTPD Facilitated)

Health Videos (use mendham as the password)

7th Grade - Growing Up - For Girls

7th Grade - Growing Up - For Boys

6th Grade - Just Around the Corner - For Girls

6th Grade - Just Around the Corner - For Boys

5th Grade Girls – Puberty

5th Grade Boys – Puberty


High Intensity Training during MTMS Enrichment!!!

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The Middle School’s Quest programs are a continuation of the elementary programs. Students work collaboratively to propose and implement solutions to real life phenomena through logic-based simulations. Students continue to develop effective oral and written communication skills, however, developing effective ‘cooperation skills’ are paramount to producing successful projects as students move through the grades. In addition, there is an increased focus on authentic ‘building’ and creative problem solving in grade 7 and 8.

Quest 5 and 6 classes meet weekly during enrichment periods and are open only to those students who meet the eligibility requirements outlined below. Quest 7 and 8 classes meet at least once per week during enrichment but may meet more frequently based on the complexity of the units or activities. Quest activities may include field trips, competitions, and or special presentations.


Overview of Eligibility

All MTES students in grade 2 will be screened for Quest services beginning with CogAt Testing. Students found eligible for Quest services in grade 2 will remain eligible for Quest services indefinitely through grade 8.

All students will again be screened for Quest services in grade 5. The grade 5 screening shall not terminate Quest eligibility for any student regardless of score, rather, grade 5 students who earn in the 96th percentile (CogAT) Composite or Non-Verbal will be added to Quest service rosters for grade 6. In grades 7 and 8, all “interested” students shall have the opportunity to participate in Quest 7 and 8 based upon successful completion of preliminary summer projects.


Grade 5 Eligibility Process for Grades 6-8


  • All students found eligible for Quest in grade 2 will remain eligible through grade 8
  • CogAt administration in grade 5
  • Grade 5 students who earn in the 96th percentile (CogAt) Composite or Non-Verbal will be added to the Quest rosters for grade 6.
  • In grades 7 and 8, Quest services will be available to all Middle School students based upon interest. However, eligibility may be contingent upon successful completion of a lengthy summer project.
Students new to the district may be recommended for participation upon registration, however must be screened and meet minimum eligibility criteria.
Questions about the Quest program and or eligibility should be forwarded to Dr. Ciccone at or by calling 973-543-7107.

The Quest 5, 6, 7, and 8 course descriptions are listed below:




The MTMS science curriculum detailed below encompasses a brief topical narrative for each major unit of study as well as essential questions; estimated unit lengths; resources; correlations to the New Jersey Core Standards; and learning outcomes.

Paramount to the successful implementation of our science curriculum is a fundamental belief that students will learn and retain conceptual and procedural knowledge most effectively through authentic engagement, exploration, explanation, elaboration. and evaluation. As a result, the instructional staff employs the environmental characteristics and instructional strategies encompassed within the 5E Model of Inquiry <--- click for great link to strategy overview.

The Common Core "Literacy in Science" Standards integrating reading and writing skills into science are located here.


Grades 5 - 8 Science Curriculum




Mrs. Esposito's Grade 7 Frog dissection!

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Social Studies


World Language

The location song !

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