Building Objectives

Building Goal #1:

By May, 2020, 65%, 75%, 90%, and 95% of the students in grades 5-8 respectively will score at least a 4 on a NJSLA-based / teacher-made school wide rubric evaluating a social studies performance based research writing task – synthesizing three artifacts. School wide reading comprehension strategies (annotating, outlining, SOAPSTONE etc…, summarizing, graphic organizers) will be integrated into the PBT process along with cooperative writing tasks with the language Arts department.  Through diligent analysis of running records, students will receive additional and more individualized instruction via both Language Arts and social studies teachers throughout the 2019-2020 school year in order to achieve this goal. 


Building Goal #2:

By May 2020, 85% of grade 8 students will score a 100% (effective) on a teacher made assessment that requires students to summarize complex texts of numerous types.  The process will be developed and implemented through the “Reflective Practice Protocol” and lesson study by grade 8 science, social studies, and Language Arts teachers.