Welcome Back Documents

Principal's 2022-23 Welcome Back Letter 

2022-2023 School Calendar

Principal's End of Year 2021-22 Letter

2022-2023 Opening Timeline:

August 12:  Parent Portal Opens - Student Schedules Accessible

  • Please log into your account and follow the instructions on your OnCourse page. Call office @ 973-543-7107x2 if you need help.
  • Once you complete the required documents on the portal and hit submit your child's schedule and other information will be available to view.
  • Please note that if you owe the school any property or have any outstanding balance for Chromebook repairs, book fines, lunchroom balances etc., your portal access will remain closed until those items are returned and balances are settled.

August 16: Grade 5 ONLY Locker set up and HSA Ice Cream Social 10-11:30am.

August 17: New to District Student Orientation 12:00-1:30pm

August 22 & 23: Teacher Training

August 24: All Students First Day of School - Full Day!

  • Zero Period Grade 6-8 Band / Orchestra / Chorus / Friday Art begin
  • Cross Country / Soccer / Field Hockey tryout begin (more info HERE)
  • Students must bring 2 Technology forms to school signed (more info HERE) in order to secure a Chromebook and Network access.

September 8: Back To School Night


  1. Survey Requirement (< CLICK HERE)
  2. Parent Letter (<CLICK HERE)
  3. Application Instructions (<CLICK HERE)
  4. Application (<CLICK HERE)
  5. Sharing Information with Medicaid or NJFamilyCare (<CLICK HERE)
  6. MTMS Price List (<CLICK HERE)




  • Grade 5 / Grade 6 / Grade 7 / Grade 8  (<-- click grade level)

  • Calculator Reminder
    Parents of MTMS children:  please note that all students will need a calculator.  These calculators are not included in the grade level School Supply Pack, but can be purchased online as well.  Please note if your child has retained their calculator from the prior year it is not necessary to purchase a new one.  As long as they have the correct calculator for the new corresponding grade it is fine. The one required by each grade level is listed here:

    5th Grade - TI Multiview Fraction Solar Calculator (TI-34MV)
    6th Grade - TI Multiview Fraction Solar Calculator (TI-34MV)
    7th Grade - TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator
    8th Grade - TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator


- 5512 HIB Policy
- Family Life Opt Out Form / Letters  (click grade level -->) Grade 5    Grade 6   Grade 7   Grade 8
- 5600R Code of Conduct
- Technology Acceptable Use Policy /Agreement
- 8467 Weapons
- 5511R Dress Code
- 5530R Substance Abuse
- 5200 Attendance
- 2430R Extra Curricular Activities
- 5240 Tardiness
- 5240R Tardiness
- 5410R Promotion & Retention
- 5533 Pupil Smoking

2022-23 NEW MTMS STAFF (<Click here)