Mendham Township Police Department Staff Photograph

Special Thanks to Chief Johnson and the
Mendham Township Police Department!

MTPD officers participate in our monthly safety drills and make daily visits to our school. They even show up to participate in various school-wide games and events. Officer Joe and Officer Sean teacheo ur 6th graders strategies to remain drug free through the LEAD program (Law Enforcement Against Drugs). Our local Officers are an very important part of our school community and we deeply value their dedication to and ongoing relationships with our students and faculty.



As required by NJ State Law, schools are required to
conduct one fire drill and one safety drill per month.

Fire Drills

The drills are for the purpose of preparing the student body to meet any emergency that might require a rapid evacuation of the building. When evacuating the building during fire drills and other emergencies, the following rules are to be followed:
a.Leave the building through the nearest exit.
b.Walk rapidly, but do not run.
c.Do not talk; listen for instructions.


Lock Down Drills


On a regular basis, students will participate in lock down drills, evacuation drills, shelter in place drills, suspicious package drills etc… which are designed to quickly secure the school building in an effective and efficient manner in case of an emergency.


Evacuation Drills

Periodically, students will practice evacuating the school building and perhaps the premises to prepare for such events as fires, gas leaks, and natural disasters. These drills are coordinated with the transportation departments as some evacuations would require the mobilization of our buses. A plethora of scenarios are practiced to signal the drills (ie… suspicious package / active shooter / weather emergency etc…)