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STEPHEN RYAN - 2014 Graduate

When I reflect upon my middle school experience now, after having completed high school, I can confidently say Mendham Township Middle School gave me a superior foundation for high school success.  Looking back, there were three points of emphasis at MTMS which helped this happen:

1.) Those who are able to succeed and exceed are encouraged to be challenged.  For example, I began MTMS with a particular aptitude for mathematics, and instead of being limited, I was pushed to take classes with older student in order to further myself. I trace parts of my internal motivation style due to this freedom to be accelerated.

2.) A large, yet manageable workload.  When I entered high school, I experienced only a slight adjustment period to having significant homework in multiple classes, because I was already accustomed to 25 pages of reading, two-three paragraphs of writing and 10-15 math problems per night.

3.) The commitment to writing.  Though the school motto is "Every Student Every Day", a more accurate description would be "Every Student Writes Every Day".  By constantly writing, not only in English classes, I became comfortable with my style and any type of writing.  My eighth grade English teacher stressed two words in every writing piece: audience and purpose, and by equipping me with the ability to write for any audience or purpose, it was easier for me to understand the nuances of writing in high school.

Between these three aspects, MTMS allowed me a springboard from which I was able to launch during high school.


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CONGRATULATIONS to MTMS alumna Julianna Kim

Accepted to Harvard University!

"I think that, for me, the most important aspect of middle school was getting the chance to develop my own autonomy.  I started 5th grade with lots of structure and hand-holding, and ended 8th grade with a sense of independence and responsibility that ultimately prepared me for high school - Julianna Kim, 2018