The H.S.A. is responsible for many activities and programs which utilize the funds raised throughout the school year. Many enhance the curriculum for our children across all grades, some provide information and speakers to parents and staff, and others give back and recognize the hard work that teachers, staff and administration do to educate and enrich our children's lives.

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Activities & Programs

Back-to-School Luncheon

This luncheon is provided to the teachers, administrators and staff of both schools as a welcome back before the start of the new school year. The H.S.A hosts the luncheon at the Middle School and relies on volunteer donations to make it a successful event.

4th Grade Party

This event is held at the end of the school year to celebrate the graduating 4th grade class before they move on to the Middle School. It is a parent run event.

Colonial Crafts Day

This special day is a wonderful experience for 4th graders. This event is run by 4th grade parents. Everyone, children and parent volunteers, comes dressed in period costumes and participates in a full range of activities from the Colonial Era. This enhances the 4th grade curriculum of American History. This day is filled with history, games, crafts and more. The date for this year has been set for April 27, 2018.

Cultural Arts - Elementary School

The Cultural Arts program provides our children with exposure to authors, musicians, plays and a variety of other cultural events funded through the generosity of the families in our community when they support our fundraisers. These performances enable our children to experience enjoyable and educational programs which enhance and supplement the school curriculum.

Cultural Arts - Middle School

The Middle School Cultural Arts Committee has assembled an exciting schedule of programs this year to introduce our children to the many facets of the visual and performing arts. These programs are designed to enrich our children’s learning experiences, enhance curriculum, to expose them to unique art forms and to inspire future artists.

Kindergarten Greeters

To make the first couple of days at the Elementary School feel more welcoming for the new Kindergarteners, parents & 4th graders volunteer to meet them as they come off the bus in the morning and assist in walking them to their new classrooms.

Library Volunteers

Our MTES parents volunteer to shelve, check in / out books and help our Librarian in various ways. The children love seeing their parents working in the library.

Teacher & Staff Appreciation

Our wonderful volunteers make this a special week for all teachers, staff and administrators. We provide "surprises" and both schools have a delicious luncheon served to them as a thank you.

Ice Cream Socials

The H.S.A. hosts an ice cream social to welcome Kindergarteners to MTES after the class visit before school starts.

The H.S.A. hosts an ice cream social to welcome 5th graders to MTMS after locker setup before school starts.

Boo Hoo / Yahoo Gathering

The H.S.A. hosts this gathering during the first day of school at MTES for parents of PreK and Kindergarten students.