Join H.S.A.

Join the Home and School Association for 2019-2020

We would love ALL Mendham Township school district families to join the 2019-2020 Home & School Association. Your membership is active for one school year and needs to be renewed each subsequent school year. Your membership fee helps fund school/classroom needs. Your membership is vital to staying in the loop. You will receive weekly eblasts that will keep you informed about what is going on in our schools. If you want the eblast sent to the member email address and an additional email address, please contact Cammy Voyles. The additional email address provided on the membership form is used for the directory only.

Pay just $30 for your membership. This is perhaps the best investment you will make this school year. If you join by September 24, 2019 you will be included in the H.S.A. directory but only if you want to be. Also, only the information you provide will appear in the directory. For example, if you don't want your address to appear but want your child(ren) listed, leave your address blank. The directory will be in pdf format and will be emailed to H.S.A. members in good standing. Please signup even if you do not want your information in the directory. Also, if you indicate that you do not want to volunteer, we will not reach out to you personally.

Get connected! We need the participation of all families!

Pay via Credit Card. Fill out your directory information and pay by credit card (you will be charged a convenience fee* - $.30 per transaction + 2.2% of total - on a $25 purchase you will pay $25.85, on a $30 purchase you will pay $30.96).

*The H.S.A. has decided to pass along the credit card fees to the purchaser. In the past the H.S.A. has paid the transaction fees but after looking at how much we spend on these fees we have decided that that money could be put to better use. We want to still offer families the option of using credit cards and therefore chose to pass the convenience fee on.