School Counselor



Hello from the Counselor’s office. My name is Hillary Clark, and I am thrilled to be MTES’s new School Counselor. I have worked both as a teacher and as a counselor for over 20 years. My experience includes, but is not limited to, school counseling, family counseling, individual and group counseling, grief and loss counseling, as well as crisis management counseling. I am a passionate advocate for children and for teaching them the skills to develop healthy emotional and physical habits for life.


As the main advocate for students, professional school counselors serve as the bridge between students and their families, and the school administration. I believe

All students have unique and individual personal potential and are capable of achieving their potential if given appropriate opportunities

All students are entitled to be treated with dignity and respect

All students have the right to a safe, nurturing and encouraging learning environment, which supports and enhances student achievement

All students have the right to be served by a professional school counselor as well as by a developmentally appropriate and comprehensive school counseling curriculum


My 13 year old daughter, Ellie, and I live in Mendham with our three dogs and two cats. Sometimes it feels like we are living in a zoo, but they add so much joy to our lives. In my free time, I enjoy being with family and friends, running, playing tennis and golfing.


Ms. Hillary Clark, School Counselor