Math Programs


Mrs. Nancy Fuller, Math Teacher

Math Enrichment

This program is designed to stretch the mathematics skills of those students who demonstrate advanced math abilities for their grade level. This program challenges students and expands their math knowledge of basic concepts, operations, applications, critical thinking, and problem solving.

Advanced Math

Students demonstrating advanced math aptitude will be assessed for advance math work. Students who perform exceptionally well on grade-level benchmark assessments, unit tests and standardized tests scores are administered further testing to determine eligibility for placement in the Advanced Math program. Students are advanced typically one grade level ahead, (i.e. grade 4 students receive gr. 5 math curriculum). Students will attend math class separately from their regular classroom with the math specialist and are required to complete the advanced math curriculum in line with other students of that same grade.

*Assessment needed prior to participation.

Mathematics Learning Lab

The Mathematics Learning Lab is a resource to assess strengths and weaknesses of essential mathematical concepts and skills. Early morning math support is also available.

Math Blasters

Skill Builders

Frequency of attendance depends upon severity of need of remediation and/or beyond grade-level enrichment. Length of participation in the Lab depends upon progress made towards benchmark goals.

Criteria for identifying needs and selection for participation in the various Lab programs come from either below or above expected grade-level results on the following assessments, as well as teacher recommendations:

PARCC- 3rd and 4th grade

GO MATH! Benchmark Assessments

Classroom Performance

Fact Fluency Scores

Students may then be assessed using the Key Math Diagnostic Assessment.

Specific strengths and weaknesses for each student are identified to determine the appropriate individual or small group instruction plan. Objectives are determined and progress monitored for each individual student, tracking achievement towards and/or above grade level performance.

Meeting the needs of each and every student is our goal, while ensuring self-esteem, building confidence in learning, and making math fun!