ELA Support

Text Art for Learning Lab

The ELA Learning Lab is designed to provide remedial support services in language arts. Students are recommended for Learning Lab based on teacher recommendation and benchmark assessments. Students participate 1-3 periods during the day in place of a special area class. Please contact Mrs. Sosna directly for specific information.

Our Jump Start Reading support program provides targeted and strategic reading instruction to students in our primary grades 1 & 2.  Students are identified via internal reading and language benchmarks, and Star Reading.  Students are taught in a small group (3-5), 3 sessions per week during our zero-period support time. Students are progress monitored throughout the 8-week program and are released when they have met targeted goals. This is a Tier 2 Intervention program.

Our SMART Time program is available for students in grades 3 & 4 needing additional support in reading and writing up to three (3) early morning periods per week. Students are invited to attend 1-3 morning periods per week upon recommendation of the classroom teacher. Please contact Mrs. Jean Sosna, Reading Specialist for additional information.