Art Explorers

Art Media Explorers

Special Project– Fall/Winter/Spring

Student Art work

With the creation of the Advanced Artist Group we began to notice the need of students, very motivated, to learn through exploration. The Art Media Explorers program offers students who are interested in the process of artistic creation the chance to experiment with new and different mediums. The Art Media Explorers art program is designed to bridge the gap between the regular grade level art curriculum and the Advanced Artist Program. Student are assessed prior to admission to the Program

  • Interested students may sign up with a limit of 16 students between 2nd and 4th grade.
  • Teacher Recommendation
  • A lottery system will be used if it is necessary to keep the class at a reasonable size.

Content and Program Expectations

  • 3-Dimensional Design Techniques
  • Digital Art
  • A Collaborative installation sculpture
  • Objectives will reflect age appropriate elements and principles: NJCCCSA varying between 2nd and 4th grade levels.
  • We will hold a special presentation at the culmination of the project.


  • Teacher Assessment will be based on rubrics designed for each project.
  • Student Assessment will be rubric and checklist generated by the students at the beginning of the assignment and completed on conclusion of the project.
  • The students will reflect ton their finished work using Artist Statements
  • The students will participate in group critique discussions. Logistics
  • Offered to 2nd - 4th grade students.
  • 16 students maximum per group.

The course will run for one (1) morning per week beginning in October.

Mrs. Sarah Bizzarro, Art TeacherContact: