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Mr. Charles Gallo

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We at Mendham Township Elementary School feel that all learners need to be motivated, feel free to take risks and feel comfortable in their own abilities to be able to experience happiness and success in an educational setting. I have found that technology levels the playing field and allows a teacher to meet the needs of a wide range of learning styles and abilities. It is the intention of our student's technology classes to act as an extension of their everyday learning experiences. This will enable them to meet 21st century skills and allow them to use technology as a means of problem solving and creative expression. Students come to technology once a week and hopefully learn essential skills that they can use in their regular classrooms.

Chromebook & Google Apps

Our school recently launched an exciting new learning opportunity for fourth grade students. Each student was issued a Chromebook for his/her exclusive school use through the remainder of the school year.The initiative aims to achieve goals set out by the Mendham Township School District Technology Plan. We will be able to engage students in retrieving, manipulating, interpreting and applying information and data available through a wide variety of media. As a result we hope to enhance our learning environments by further enriching critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity.
This great opportunity comes with a greater responsibility. You will find our schools acceptable use Policy under the "helpful documents" section of my site.
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