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Mrs. Sosna

“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.”

Malala Yousafzai

Welcome to the English Language Arts Lab!

Mrs. Sosna/English Language Arts

About the Teacher


I have a BA in Education, an MS in Reading from Long Island University, and Reading Specialist and Supervisory certificates from the state of New Jersey. Now in my 28th year of teaching, I have served in first and third grade classrooms in New York and New Jersey public and private schools. I am currently in the Learning Lab for English Language Arts, supporting students with language strategies so they become independent thinkers, writers, spellers, and readers. I enjoy the challenge of working with students with various ranges of reading achievement, focusing on common core curriculum standards, motivation, and our school's high expectations of future preparedness.

I am a member of the I&RS and School Safety committees and The International Literacy Association.

ELA Apps


Oral Reading Fluency, Comprehension




Level It Books an app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Androids (App store for iPhones or Google play for Androids). It scans the ISBN of a book and gives you the grade and/or DRA equivalent, and the Guided Reading Level (as a letter gradient). You can also manually search their database. This is fast and convenient access to many books you may want for your child's/student's independent reading level.

K-4 ELA Practice Websites



RAZ KIDS is an interactive reading site assigned by your child's classroom teacher. Assignments are based on the student's independent reading level. Teachers can monitor the activity and progress.

You can access RAZ KIDS on most devices.

Sight Word Sandwich Grade 1


Selected Grade 1 students will be learning why irregular words are spelled the way they are, by understanding the letter/sound relationship, previewing the 2nd grade benchmark phonemes, and the etymology of words.


"I know, Mrs. Sosna. It comes from a foreign language."

Reader's Theatre Grade 2

Selected Grade 2 students will be practicing their oral reading fluency and confidence through read aloud performances.

Leveled Readers List


Smart Time Grade 3

Smart Time is comprehension and writing support for grades 3 and 4, before school. I am instructing grade 3, along with Mrs. DeGise, and Ms. Lombardo is working with grade 4. The days are Tuesdays, Wed., and Thursdays, 8:05-8:45. Selected students will begin Sept. 17th.


Mrs. Fuller





Mrs. Fuller/Math

About the Teacher

About Me!

I have been teaching for over 20 years in both private and public elementary schools. I began my teaching career as a classroom teacher at the Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 3 levels, in Chester, NJ, and New York City. Most recently, I implemented and taught the Basic Skills Instructional Program in Bloomfield, NJ, serving students needing extra support in reading, writing, and/or mathematics in individual and small group settings. Moving to Mendham Borough in 2001, I joined Mendham Township Elementary School in 2002 and implemented a similar Basic Skills program.

After many years as a basic skills teacher here in the district, I earned my graduate degree in Elementary Mathematics and have specialized as the Math Lab instructor. My masters' program and research focused on how to best serve the instructional needs of students using a differentiated and integrated approach, enabling them to gain a full grasp of mathematical concepts and their applications specifically related to successfully meeting the 21st century challenges found in everyday life and work beyond school. Math is much more than memorizing formulas and working with numbers in a procedural way. Creating a hands-on environment and using models and tools, students explore and problem-solve using various strategies, gaining“number sense” and deeper levels of conceptual understanding, while connecting these skills to real-world experiences.

Mathematics is the universal language spoken throughout the world, and I feel fortunate to pursue this vocation about which I am so passionate!

Outside of school, I am actively involved in the Mendham community and enjoy the beach, fitness, traveling with my husband and family, exploring new countries, cultures and people.

Welcome to the Mathematics Learning Lab

Mathematics Learning Lab

Welcome to the Mathematics Learning Lab!

The Mathematics Learning Lab is a resource to assess strengths and weaknesses of essential mathematical concepts and skills.

Frequency of attendance depends upon severity of need of remediation and/or beyond grade-level enrichment. Length of participation in the Lab depends upon progress made towards benchmark goals.
Criteria for identifying needs and selection for participation in the various Lab programs come from either below or above expected grade-level results on the following assessments, as well as teacher recommendations:
  • GO MATH!
  • Common Core State Standards Assessment
  • PARCC - 3rd and 4th grade
  • Fact Fluency Scores.

Specific strengths and weaknesses for each student are identified to determine the appropriate individual or small group instruction plan. Objectives are determined and progress monitored for each individual student, tracking achievement towards and/or above grade level performance.

Meeting the needs of each and every student is our goal, while ensuring self-esteem, building confidence in learning, and making math fun!

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Student using the math lab