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The Mendham Township Elementary School offers two programs through Gifted and Talented Services, Quest and Gateways.


The Gateways program provides content specific gifted services. An advanced learning plan will be developed for students who are identified as needing advanced programming in a given content area. Need and programming will be determined on an individual basis. Parents will be notified and consulted if a student is identified for the Gateways program.

Quest Overview




The Elementary School’s grade 3 and 4 Quest programs engage students in advanced collaborative and critical thinking to problem solve real-world STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) based learning activities. Students are challenged to use effective oral and written communication skills to research, collect data, analyze information and provide strong rational for outcomes and proposals.

The grade 3 and 4 Quest classes meet weekly during enrichment periods. Quest students may also participate in additional special programs, competitions, or field trips coordinating with their units of study. In addition to the Quest program, all students in grades K-4 participate in weekly enrichment classes delivered by the G&T and classroom teachers.

Overview of Eligibility

All MTES students in grade 2 will be screened for Quest services beginning with CogAt Testing. Students found eligible for Quest services in grade 2 will remain eligible for Quest services indefinitely through grade 8.

All students will again be screened for Quest services in grade 5. The grade 5 screening shall not terminate Quest eligibility for any student regardless of score, rather, grade 5 students who earn in the 96th percentile (CogAT) Composite or Non-Verbal will be added to Quest service rosters for grade 6. In grades 7 and 8, all “interested” students shall have the opportunity to participate in Quest 7 and 8 based upon successful completion of preliminary summer projects.

Students new to the district may be recommended for participation upon registration, however must be screened and meet minimum eligibility criteria.

Grade 2 Eligibility Process for Grades 3-8


Stage 1 - Screening

Step 1

The Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) is administered to all students in grades 2. Students receiving a (CogAT) Composite or Non-Verbal Standard Age Score of 125 or above continue to step 2.

*A Standard Age Score of 125 represents scores in the 8th stanine and 94th percentile of national scores.

*A standard Age Score of 130 represents scores in the 9th stanine and the 98th percentile of national scores.

Step 2

Students are assessed using the Sages-2 Aptitude Assessment (Screening Assessment for Gifted Elementary School Students) *Parent permission is required.

Step 3

Two teachers will complete the Renzulli-Hartman Checklist.

Stage 2- Identification

*Students must meet the minimum score requirements listed below to be eligible for Quest services:

CogAt: Standard Age Score of 125 or higher on the Composite or Non-Verbal sections.

Sages-2: Aptitude score of 125 or higher (on either section)

Renzulli-Hartman Checklist: Students must receive at least 68 out of 72 points on one or both of the Checklists.

*A score of 68 out of 72 indicates the student consistently demonstrates 95% of the critical and creative behaviors listed on the Renzulli-Hartman Checklist.

*Appeal Process

If a child does not meet the entrance requirements for Quest services, a parent or teacher can request the student be assessed through the appeal process. All appeals must be filed in writing to the principal by June 30th for consideration for the following school year.

*Students must demonstrate above local average ability on the CogAT Composite Standard Age Score (125 or above) to be considered for appeal.

  • The appeal will consist of administration of the SAGES-2 test (if not already taken) and an opportunity for the student to demonstrate critical and creative thinking skills in a given performance task.
  • The students will be able to select from either a linguistic (language based) or mathematical/spatial performance task.
  • The students will complete the task in a small group setting, and be assessed using the Creative and Critical Thinking rubric.
  • The student must receive a score 27 on the rubric to receive Quest services.

K - 8 Quest Curriculum





Social Studies


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