Academic Subjects & Special Area Classes

Welcome to Mendham Township Elementary School. Thank you for visiting our school web site. MTES provides a strong academic program within a supportive nurturing environment for all children. Our talented teaching and support staff focus on each student by identifying their academic needs, providing appropriate interventions and differentiating instruction based on learning styles, interests and talents. This approach allows our students to learn and grow in line with their potential and reach high levels of achievement.

Academic Subjects


Mathematics instruction is delivered using Go Math!This is an elementary math curriculum designed to meet the goals of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Mathematics.The Standards for Mathematical Practice are integrated throughout the program. Students are supported as they advance from concrete to abstract content and encourage to use a variety of mathematical strategies to solve multistep problems. Students learn that they can reach solutions to problems in different ways and practice how to articulate their process to others.

English Language Arts

The MTES teaching staff delivers a balanced language arts literacy program through Teacher's College Reader's and Writer's Workshop. Students are encouraged to view themselves as readers and writers. Students are engaged in reading and writing activities throughout the day, in all subjects.

Reading: Students receive direct instruction, at their instructional reading level, on specific reading strategies to improve comprehension, fluency and vocabulary. They are engaged in whole group, small group, paired and independent reading activities. As their skills increase students are encouraged to work with more challenging levels of text. Students are asked to read daily through the school day and at home. Teachers assess student reading progress through observation, running records and Developmental Reading Assessment benchmarking (DRA).

Writing: Narrative, Opinion and Informational writing are taught K-4 to help students clearly communicate thoughts and ideas in a well developed and organized writing piece. Writer's Workshop goals include opportunities to analyze, synthesize and critique text. Students are taught to express their ideas clearly using an organized writing structure. Students learn appropriate sentence structure, paragraphing and essay construction. In addition, students are engaged in creative writing and poetry. Grammar, vocabulary and spelling strategies are taught through a word study approach using Words Their Way. Teachers assess student writing progress through process writing activities, on-demand writing tasks, spelling assessments, and published writing pieces.



K-4 Science

Students are engaged in hands-on science exploration using the FOSS Science Curriculum.

"FOSS (Full Option Science System) is a research-based science curriculum for grades K-8 developed at the Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, Berkeley. FOSS has evolved from a philosophy of teaching and learning that has guided the development of successful active-learning science curricula for more than 40 years. The FOSS Program bridges research and practice by providing tools and strategies to engage students and teachers in enduring experiences that lead to deeper understanding of the natural and designed worlds."


Text Art for Science

FOSS Curriculum Overview

Next Generation Science Standards

Students doing a science experiment on plants.

STEM & Makerspace

In addition to our regular science curriculum students in grades 1 & 2 are engaged in a variety of problem solving and project based learning activities that integrate Science, Technology, Engineering & Math principles (STEM). Grade 3 & 4 students are engaged in project based activities that allow students to create, invent, tinker, explore and discover using various materials and tools.


Students in grades 1 & 2 receive one (1) STEM class period per week in our STEM lab. This class is taught in our STEM lab with Mrs. Smyth.


Students in grades 3 & 4 receive one (1) Makerspace class per week in our Makerspace Lab. This class is taught by Mr. Gallo.

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Social Studies

Special Area Classes


The MTES art program consists of weekly art classes for students in Kindergarten through 4th grade, Preschool and Tiny Tigers. Throughout the program students learn the process of appreciation and aesthetics by learning to discern what the artist wanted us to know. The themes include famous works of art, favorite story illustrations and art from cultures all around the world. We achieve this through a process of art criticism where students describe, analyze, and interpret a wide variety of artwork. Art projects based on our aesthetic explorations vary from drawing, painting, and sculpture throughout the school year. Students will save their artwork in a portfolio and then select their favorite piece to present in a whole school art show, the Festival of Arts. Third and Fourth grade students will also have opportunities to sign up for Mastery Enrichment workshops where they will create artwork based on unique themes and materials.

Student Art Piece Student Art Piece

In addition to weekly art classes I offer two programs before school for motivated and talented emerging artists. The Advanced Art program, for 3rd and 4th grade, is built around 5th and 6th grade standards for the arts. Students work on classical drawing skills as well as advanced art making techniques. Art Explorers is offered to 2nd through 4th grade students who have an interest in creating art using unconventional or unique materials. Both programs require students to complete an application for participation.


Mrs. Sarah Bizzarro



Mendham Township Elementary School Vocal/General Classroom Music Philosophy

Music education is essential in order for all children to reach their full potential intellectually, socially, and emotionally. It is through music that children can develop and grow in cognitive skills, physical coordination, and sensitivity to the expanse of human emotions. But, going far beyond these is a vast range of benefits to be derived and garnered, all of which can allow for a lifetime of joy with continuing educational affects for any child. For music education inherently encompasses disciplines from the artistic, physical, technical, intellectual, social, historical, cultural, practical, and spiritual realms. Music trains the mind, encourages the soul, and feeds the human spirit. It fosters the uniqueness of the individual by offering opportunities for creativity. It lifts the average while challenging the gifted. It allows for self expression while instilling structure and discipline to thought and method. It is the belief of the Music Department of the Mendham Township School District that music education is essential for all children. The scope of music education, being wide-ranged and far reaching, is a valuable means of accomplishing a great diversity of educational goals. More importantly, however, are the lasting effects this education will have on all our students as they grow into adulthood and participate and contribute to society through professional and personal endeavors.

Student Photos during a band concert

Students during a chorus concert


Hello everyone and welcome to Physical Education with Ms. Panetta and Mr. Gormly! We are both very excited for the upcoming school year and have many great ideas planned. The primary focus of the Physical Education curriculum is to expand the student's knowledge and have them participate in numerous different activities such as sport skills, team building and physical fitness. Also this year we will be removing the Presidential Fitness Challenges and incorporating the FitnessGram. More schools are switching over to the FitnessGram due to the better measurement of student's physical ability. We look forward to having an amazing school year! and seeing all of the MTES students in September!

Photograph of the Physical Education Teachers



MTES Library


School libraries transform learning! MTES prides itself on a robust school library program which fosters critical thinking and provides students with the skills they need to analyze, form and communicate ideas in compelling ways. Our program instills confidence in reading in multiple formats, which is fundamental to learning, personal growth and enjoyment. The MTES library is staffed with a full-time, fully certified teacher-librarian who utilizes the AASL Standards for the 21st Century Learner as a framework for learning. Lessons focus on using technology and the latest information resources, preparing children to succeed in our global, competitive economy, while nurturing creativity. Our library is a massive 2,630 square feet and houses approximately 15,000 materials with average weekly circulation of approximately 500+ books. Students enjoy a breathtaking view of the school’s ever-changing and flourishing outdoor learning center while they visit once a week for lesson and book checkout. The MTES library is a beautiful sanctuary for all of our budding readers!



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Mrs. Kristy Whittle


Students reading




Student receive one (1) Technology Class per week.

Our classrooms are equipped with SMART board technology, document cameras, student Chromebooks, and teacher computer stations. Students have regular access to our computer lab, and Chromebook carts.

We at Mendham Township Elementary School feel that all learners need to be motivated, feel free to take risks and feel comfortable in their own abilities to be able to experience happiness and success in an educational setting. I have found that technology levels the playing field and allows a teacher to meet the needs of a wide range of learning styles and abilities.

It is the intention of our student's technology classes to act as an extension of their everyday learning experiences. This will enable them to meet 21st century skills and allow them to use technology as a means of problem solving and creative expression. Students come to technology once a week and hopefully learn essential skills that they can use in their regular classrooms.

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Student using a chromebook


Contact: Mrs. Dori Smyth

Logo for STEM education

Delivery of instruction:

Grades 1 & 2: Weekly STEM class embedded in schedule with Mrs. Smyth in the STEM Lab.

Students during a STEM exercise

MTES STEM Program Presentation



Students participating in MakerSpace

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MTES Makerspace Program

Text Art for MakerSpace

Students taking a desktop computer apart



All students have one (1) period of Mastery Enrichment embedded in their weekly schedule. Students can select from a variety of activities lead by our staff. Examples include, Yoga, Irish Dancing, Coding, Computer Science, Puzzle Crafts, Poetry Club.

Student doing Yoga