School Security & Safety Drills

The Mendham Twp. Elementary School in partnership with our local police department work together to implement a comprehensive School Emergency Management Plan which includes school security and safety drills. Chief Ross Johnson and his fellow officers assist our school to ensure that appropriate safety and security measures are in place for our students, staff and families. Our Mendham Twp. Police can be seen regularly visiting our building, interacting with our students and working closely with the administration and teaching staff.

Emergency Management

School Security

All visitors to our school must enter using the main door entrance and check in via the Lobby Guard Kiosk. Visitors must have a valid driver's license to enter the building. All visitors must wear a visitor's badge while in the building and check out at the Lobby Guard Kiosk upon exiting the school.

All exterior doors are locked and secured on the campus. Students and staff are not allowed to open any doors for visitors.

Safety Safety Drills

Our school perform routine safety drills with all students and staff throughout the school year. New Jersey State regulations require schools to execute a variety of drills for different scenarios.

Fire Drills (1) one per month

Security Drills (1) one per month

  • Evacuation
  • Lock Down
  • Shelter-In-Place
Photograph of the Mendham Township Police Force

Photograph of the Mendham Township Police Force