Mendham Township Elementary School

Ms. Kotcho  

Welcome to Mendham Township Elementary School. Thank you for visiting our school web site. MTES provides a strong academic program within a supportive nurturing environment for all children. Our talented teaching and support staff focus on each student by identifying their academic needs, providing appropriate interventions and differentiating instruction based on learning styles, interests and talents. This approach allows our students to learn and grow in line with their potential and reach high levels of achievement.

The MTES teaching staff delivers a balanced language arts literacy program through Teacher's College Reader's and Writer's Workshop. Students are encouraged to view themselves as readers and writers. Students are engaged in reading and writing activities throughout the day, in all subjects. As the students' skills increase they are encouraged to work with more challenging levels of text. Narrative, opinion and informational writing are taught K-4 to help them clearly communicate thoughts and ideas in a well developed and organized writing piece. Vocabulary and spelling strategies are taught through a word study approach using WordsTheir Way.

Mathematics instruction is delivered using Go Math!  This is an elementary math curriculum designed to meet the goals of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.The Standards for Mathematical Practice are integrated throughout the program. Students are supported as they advance from concrete to abstract content through the use of models and Math Talk.

In addition to our academic programs, students are engaged in comprehensive related arts instruction in the areas of art, music, physical education, technology, library/media science and the world language/cultures.

Additional services are available for students with special needs through the multidisciplinary Child Study Team. Children between the ages of 3 and 5 years are serviced by the pre-school team and an inclusion pre-kindergarten class is located within the school. Resource educators in grades K-4 collaborate with general education classroom educators to instruct and support students eligible for special education services in small groups and within their classrooms. Regular education teachers are provided professional development to implement progressive interventions to meet the needs of diverse learners in the general education classroom. We provide Co-Teach classrooms, to provide special educational students an appropriate inclusive curriculum. Our Intervention and Referral Services Team, is available for parents and educators to consult with regarding effective interventions and strategies to work towards resolving issues related to academic, behavioral and/or health concerns.
The Learning Lab is an extension of the classroom and designed to provide remedial support services in language arts and mathematics. Enrichment experiences in the areas of mathematics and LAL are provided to students demonstrating readiness for more advance study. Instruction is provided by our math and reading specialists. Our SMART Time program is available for students in grades 3 & 4 needing additional support in reading and writing up to three (3) early morning periods per week.

Our classrooms are equipped with SMART board technology, SMART document cameras, student Chromebooks, and teacher computer stations. Students have regular access to two (2) full computer labs, and Chromebook carts. Students have the option to study one of twenty-five languages through the Rosetta Stone Online Language Learning system, while all Grade 3 and Grade 4 students also use the Rosetta program to study Spanish. 

Our Gifted and Talented Program provides enrichment and advanced learning opportunities for students K-4.  K-2 students receive weekly in-class enrichment activities facilitated by our Gifted and Talented teacher. Students identified in Grade 3 and Grade 4, are provided pull-out instruction in language arts, math, critical and creative thinking. All Grade 3 and Grade 4 students have the opportunity to select from a variety of enrichment offerings such as robotics, garden club, drama, reader’s theater,digital media, and poetry. Our Outdoor Learning Center is opened to all students and provides an beautiful outdoor environment for students to engage in a variety of activities in environmental science, agriculture and flower cultivation.


Our STEM program is offered to all students and provides hands-on, real world, problem solving activities that help students integrate all four disciplines, science, technology, engineering and math. Students work collaboratively on a variety of units aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards,  in our STEM Lab, classrooms and our Outdoor Learning Center.  

The entire MTES community values the process of educating the whole child and provides high quality learning experiences every day, for every student. Please visit our teacher web sites, program pages and links for further resources and information about our school. Remember to visit my blog, Twitter page and click the"follow" link to get up to date news and read about all the wonderful learning activities going on in our school.

Warm Regards,

Julianne K. Kotcho, Principal

 Mendham Township Elementary School
Every Student, Every Day!