School Climate

School research shows that school climate strongly influences students' motivation to learn and improve academic achievement. When school members feel safe, valued, cared for, respected, and engaged, learning increases. In Mendham Township, we provide students with support to meet these basic needs allow them to grow socially and emotionally, in addition to helping them achieve academically.

Positive school climate must be a shared mission, created and sustained by students, parents, and school staff, and supported by the community. Here in Mendham, efforts to improve school climate are an integral part of our school improvement plans. Each school year, school goals include targeted, focused work with students and faculty on maintaining and enhancing our positive school culture. Surveys of students and parents are conducted to understand the barriers to learning that their students experience beyond the school and address those barriers before students can achieve and thrive. The surveys results can provide schools with information about how each group of individuals perceives conditions for learning. Such information can then be used to design prevention and intervention programs specific to the needs of the school community.

If you would like more information on our efforts in this area, please contact the school representatives below:

Elementary School - Hillary Clark (

Middle School - Allie Perrotta (


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