Vocal Music

Students can participate in our chorus program as an elective throughout the year, meeting frequently for rehearsals for musicianship training. Students in choral music develop skills in sight-reading, learn about music from around the world, and gain practice in the discipline of teamwork. Chorus classes are an option for students in grades 3-8. The performance repertoire spans time periods and represents music from diverse cultures and origins. Students receive instruction in reading music and develop good habits for healthy singing, both individually and in ensemble settings.

In the Elementary and Middle School, General music class is offered as part of a course rotation. The class is designed for students to learn more about music in a classroom setting. Our general music program is a strong, diverse, curriculum that enhances each child's education while simultaneously establishing an understanding and appreciation of this art form. The purpose of the program is to develop awareness that music is a vital part of each student's daily life. A comprehensive, well-planned, and logical sequence of developmentally appropriate experiences lead to clearly defined skills and knowledge and allow for exploration, cultural and aesthetic enrichment, and personal satisfaction.

Picture of the Tiger Chorus

Student working on Vocal music project on an iMac