Visual Arts

The Mendham Township School District has a vibrant visual arts program that encompasses every grade level. The program is supported by and structured around our Visual Arts curriculum. All students are exposed to a foundation of values in the visual arts; however, students with a strong interest and high potential are afforded opportunities to pursue studies at advanced levels.

Mendham Township Elementary School

Students in the Mendham Township Elementary School Art Program are given the opportunity to explore working in a variety of different media. They are encouraged to experiment, engage and create using paint, clay, collage, sculptural and digital media in a structured and supportive environment.

The art program is closely tied to studies in their classroom. Mendham Township Elementary School artists develop a series of sequentially taught skills throughout their art experience. Students attend art class once a week for 40 minutes.

Mendham Township Middle School

The Middle School art curriculum explores the formal issues of art through the investigation of color theory, composition and design, symmetry and balance, and perspective; it develops students’ skills through a sequence of varied projects.

Students are encouraged to improve their visual awareness by learning to look at and record what is experienced. The Middle School art program recognizes the significance of art history and the need to develop an appreciation for the work of artists from the past and present. Both two and three-dimensional media and techniques are explored, including drawing, painting, clay work, collage and sculpture. Art classes are part of the curriculum for all four years of Middle School.

Students working on art projects