World Language

Students in Kindergarten through 4th grade participate in Spanish, with our program building into the middle school in the years to come. From the very start, we are as immersive as possible and Spanish is the language spoken during Spanish class, both by teachers and students. This encourages close observation and listening, pattern seeking and problem-solving, as students work to develop their skills and understanding. Use of literature, songs, games and images or objects to provide visual cues help to develop student comfort and confidence in this environment. After the introduction of key vocabulary and phrases, our focus is on encouraging students to apply their language skills. This occurs through exploration of cultures and traditions throughout the Hispanic/Latino world. Spanish instruction is reinforced through use of vocabulary and key phrases in other classes as well.

Middle School Spanish is a rigorous program of study, offered in grades 5-8. Emphasis is on the language and culture of Spanish-speaking countries as well as reading, listening, and writing. Students have the option to participate in the national Spanish language exam in the spring.