Child Study Team Resource Page

The CST Resource Page is a place for parents and community members to gain valuable information and resources from the Mendham Township Child Study Team. Information on this page will assist parents in many areas including; parenting support, executive functioning and social skills.
From our School Psychologists:
Please see the attachments and links below for information and resources to support your student(s)
while working with them at home.

New Jersey has recently released a website for parents that addresses the many stages of Early Childhood.
There are many outstanding resources on the website and these are just a few of the topics covered;
parenting, early learning, development, and health.
You can visit the website by using the following link

Anxiety and nervousness are common feelings that many children deal with and can appear in the form of worry, apprehension, dread, fear or distress. The link below shares a lot of great information on anxiety in children and supporting their needs.


From our Learning Consultant:
Artwork of a human head outline with colorful gears inside.
What are Executive Functions? How can we improve these skills? How does Executive Functioning impact learning?
Read the attached article to answer these questions and learn how to better support our learners.
For more information on Executive Functioning please visit the links below.