Middle School Program


At Mendham Township Middle School Middle School, we encourage students to try new and different things, and our schedule and programs are designed with that objective in mind. Our students are involved in all aspects of school life, from academics, athletics, and arts, to community service programs and extracurricular activities. As a result, at this crucial age in their development, our students are able to find passions both within and beyond the classroom.

Our teachers’ roles extend beyond the classroom, as they also serve as coaches, advisors, and sponsors of clubs and activities. Mendham Township Middle School Middle School allows students to become confident, well-rounded, and independent learners in a supportive yet challenging environment. Please visit MTMS and see first-hand the energy, the intellectual exploration, and the genuine feeling of community that exists at our school.

Academic Program

The Mendham Township Middle School Middle School academic program teaches students how to study while also helping them master and then apply the skills and concepts they learn in each discipline. In addition to academics, the program provides a balance of arts, activities, and athletics in the daily schedule, thus promoting the growth and development of the whole student. The community encourages student collaboration, creative thinking, problem solving, leadership, and responsibility as students prepare for the demands of high school and future challenges.

In the Middle School, daily assignments and grades are posted on the parent portal portion of the MTMS website. The reason for posting daily assignments is that, with the goal of helping students become independent learners, we aspire to form a partnership with parents, and posting daily assignments allows parents to take a more active role in their child's education, if they wish to do so. Additionally, if a child is absent or if he or she forgets an assignment, the classroom portal can be a helpful tool. In general, we aspire to be as responsive to parents as possible, and as a policy, we are prompt in our responses. The first point of contact for a class should always be the class's teacher.

MTMS has amazing opportunities for learning, with increased expectations for greater independence, organization, and responsibility. Middle School is a time of tremendous growth and change—intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially. Guided by dedicated teachers, coaches, and counselors, our students maximize their individual strengths and develop a sense of self-worth that lasts a lifetime.

You can view the entire Middle School Curriculum by visiting the page below:

MTMS:  https://www.mendhamtwp.org/middle-school-home/academics/curriculum

Should you have any questions about our academic programming, please contact our School Principal:

PJ Ciccone (pciccone@mendhamtwp.org) - Middle School