Welcome to MTES!

Our Elementary School introduces new challenges while keeping curiosity alive so students’ true interests and strengths can grow. As students progress, our dedicated teachers find engaging ways to inspire their inquisitiveness and imagination while guiding them through the mastery of basic and essential concepts. Our students thrive in this learning environment, where it’s okay to make mistakes because perseverance is an essential part of success.

At Mendham Township’s Elementary School, we believe that academics should incorporate more than what students learn in the classroom. Our goal is for our students to develop into well-rounded, inquisitive children. That is why we designed a curriculum built upon deep learning in core academic subjects, comprehensive teaching techniques, diverse education experiences and engaging enrichment programming.


We introduce academic subjects early on to motivate our students as they start their educational journeys at Mendham Township. Starting in kindergarten, students dive into topics such as math, language arts, social studies and science, and foreign language

Our teachers use a variety of instructional methods to build skills and encourage critical thinking. With the support of subject specialists, teachers design classroom experiences that capture our students’ interests and inspire a lifelong love of learning.

Beyond our core academic classwork, our curriculum emphasizes skills that are building blocks of your child’s education:

  • Organizational skills
  • Study and library skills
  • Time management skills


Our wide-ranging programs and extracurricular activities include opportunities for artists, musicians, athletes, science lovers, techies, writers and all students to discover their passions. In our supportive environment, your child will be motivated to learn, create, collaborate and participate in the classroom. Our students build confidence in their academic skills and take on learning challenges that meet their individual needs. We inspire our students to develop a lifelong love of learning with a curriculum that features engaging classes taught by subject specialists including:



  • Math
  • Science
  • Social studies
  • Language arts
  • Spanish
  • Computer science and applications
  • Performing and visual arts
  • Physical education
  • Study skills & character development
  • Library
  • STEM and Makerspace



Our teaching team is the cornerstone of our academic program. With a passion for teaching our young students, our Elementary School teachers are deeply compassionate and nurturing caretakers in the classroom.


With dedicated character development curriculum starting in pre-kindergarten, our students learn to be responsible, resilient and respectful people. Our service learning opportunities develop their awareness of civic responsibility, creating strong leaders and passionate citizens who want to make a difference.


As students progress through the Elementary School, our information literacy curriculum advances with them. While our youngest students are learning through active play in the library, our upper elementary students are learning to research, cite and report on information found with our extensive library databases and resources.


We celebrate all students and their unique gifts here at Mendham Township. Beyond small class sizes that allow for individual attention and dedicated time for extra help before school in our “Smart Time Program”, our teachers and counselors provide consistent academic guidance and actively support your child’s progress.

You can view our Curriculum by visiting the page below:

MTES: https://www.mendhamtwp.org/elementary-school-home/academics/curriculum

Should you have any questions about our academic programming, please contact our School Principal:

Julianne Kotcho (jkotcho@mendhamtwp.org) - Elementary School