The Mendham Township experience is an extraordinary opportunity that empowers students to become persons of great accomplishment and character and prepares them for success in school and in life. Our mission and vision inform the work of our faculty, staff, students, and administration.

Relationship-based learning is the foundation of great teaching.

At Mendham Township, our teachers are experts in pedagogy and in their subject areas and they know our students especially well. Strong relationships between faculty and students develop within our vibrant school community and exceptional learning, in our classrooms and beyond.

Our teachers care deeply for students and, because they know them well, challenge them and tailor classroom learning based on individual needs. Through class discussion, debate, project work and presentations, students develop new skills and passions and learn to connect with people and step outside their comfort zones to take bold but intelligent risks.

Superior academic preparation inspires a lifetime of learning.

Mendham Township’s robust curriculum features rigorous traditional coursework and innovative electives designed to help inspire our students. As teachers challenge students with new ideas and skills, they encourage creative expression while ensuring that students learn how to learn, preparing them to confidently address the demands of college and the 21st-century world. Experiential learning, hands-on projects and collaborative problem-solving in a variety of venues result in amplified awareness of self and others.

Our core curriculum and innovative offerings teach students how to engage, relate to and empathize with others, and how to solve problems in real-world settings. The ability to concisely and compellingly convey one’s message is an essential leadership skill; at Mendham Township, teaching the art of effective communication is among our highest priorities.

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Should you have any questions about our academic programming, please contact our School Principals:

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