Dear MTMS Parents/Guardians,

Welcome Back!

We are happy to announce we have placed all students back on the school buses. If you had opted out of transportation last year, your child has been placed on a school bus. We will do our best to sit families together. Be advised we cannot guarantee this. All Students, Drivers and School Bus Aides will be wearing masks at all times while boarding and riding the school buses. Please make sure your child is wearing a mask prior to boarding the bus. Our drivers are ready to return. We will be wiping down touch points and disinfecting buses between routes. We will also be fogging the bus once they return to the school bus yard in the am and pm. All students need to wear a seat belt at all times. This is also for any field trip or athletics.

To access your busing information

It is located in oncourse connect under the "other student data" tab.

Please review the Rules of the bus listed below with your children:
- Face masks must be worn by all students and staff at all times on the school bus
- Observe classroom behavior. The bus is an extension of the school. Discipline will be
treated as such. Cooperate with the driver.
- Be courteous to others. Use “indoor voice”. No profanity.
- No food or drink on the bus.
- Keep the bus clean. Clean up after yourself.
- Students shall remain seated, facing forward, and with their seat belts fastened.
- All bus routes will have a seating chart.  Students must sit in assigned seats.
- Do not stand while the bus is in motion.
- Do not throw any objects out of the windows.
- Do not touch emergency exit devices, unless THERE IS A TRUE EMERGENCY.
- Students should report any problems, damage, or issues to the bus driver.
- Bus drivers will write up students for misbehaving. This report goes directly to the school principal.
- Any student earning a third write up will automatically be suspended from transportation for ten days.

Margaret Hogan
Mendham Township
Transportation Supervisor

973-543-7107 x 5002

Transportation Contact Information and Zero Period Busing Form

Mrs. Margaret Hogan, Transportation Supervisor

(973) 543-7107 X 5002

2021-22  Zero Period Transportation Form - required for Zero Period busing

Image of Mendham Township School District Buses