Dear MTSD Parents/Guardians,


To access your busing information

It is located in oncourse connect under the "other student data" tab.

Please review the Rules of the bus listed below with your children:

  • Observe classroom behavior. The bus is an extension of the school. Discipline will be treated as such. Cooperate with the driver.
  • Be courteous to others. Use “indoor voice”. No profanity.
  • No food or drink on the bus.
  • Keep the bus clean. Clean up after yourself.
  • Students shall remain seated, facing forward, and with their seat belts fastened.
  • All bus routes will have a seating chart.  Students must sit in assigned seats.
  • Do not stand while the bus is in motion.
  • Do not throw any objects out of the windows.
  • Do not touch emergency exit devices, unless THERE IS A TRUE EMERGENCY.
  • Students should report any problems, damage, or issues to the bus driver.
  • Bus drivers will write up students for misbehaving. This report goes directly to the school principal.Any student earning a third write up will automatically be suspended from transportation for ten days.


Christina Kerekgyarto, Transportation Supervisor

(973) 543-7107 x 5002


Jennifer Minuche, Transportation Assistant

(973) 543-7107 x 5001

Image of Mendham Township School District Buses