The Transportation Department operates 29 regular school buses, operating throughout northern New Jersey. Our buses are maintained and operated by qualified and caring school bus drivers, transportation staff, and outstanding mechanics with the highest regard for the safety of our students. The department also provides activity buses providing transportation for morning programs, school athletics and field trips.

School buses are provided to transport all students. Please contact Mrs. Hogan with any questions regarding school transportation.

Transportation Contact Information

Mrs. Margaret Hogan

Transportation Supervisor

(973) 543-7107 Option 5

Image of Mendham Township School District Buses

Directions to Our Schools

Mendham Township Elementary School
18 West Main Street
Brookside, NJ 07926

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Mendham Township Middle School
16 Washington Valley Road
Brookside, NJ 07926

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Directions to athletic fields for AWAY sports can be found using the link below:


*Not to be confused with PRE-SCHOOL (3YR OLDS), which is offered thru Special Services - Special Services program runs from 9:00-3:00 Monday thru Friday. Contact: Gwen for more information: 973-543-7107 ext 406

The Pre KINDERGARTEN program is offered thru the Elementary school and runs from 8:45 to 3:00 Monday - Friday. Students are transported on the regular elementary school buses in the morning but depart at 3:00pm with the Special Services Pre-K program.

Any questions about the Pre Kindergarten please contact the Mendham Township Elementary School @ 973-543-7107.


All Kindergarten students will be assigned to the front few seats of the bus and reminded to put on their seat belts. Unless you hear differently from the Transportation Office, you can assume your child will be riding the same bus they come in on (this will start in January).

NO Kindergarten student will be left alone at a designated stop.

Any kindergarten student that does not have older siblings MUST be met at the bus stop by the parent/guardian. If another parent offers to take your child from the bus at the stop, the drivers have been instructed to call into the office and notify them who has received your child. Kindergarten students will be allowed to get off the bus with their siblings starting in January. It is recommended that a parent or guardian be present, however, if the parent/guardian is not, and the child has no older sibling riding, the child will not be released and will be returned to the school at the end of the bus route.

Returning a child to school causes undo stress on your child, they get upset when they have to stay on the bus, so please make sure you are there to receive your child. If the bus comes to your stop, and your child is not on the bus, DO NOT PANIC, the Mendham Township Elementary School has an incredible attendance policy and the drivers also take attendance. This is done before the buses leave the property. However, sometimes miscommunication happen, and either the child has stayed for after-care, gone on a play date or just gotten confused as to whether they should have gone home or not. Do not hold up the bus. Call the Elementary office (973-543-7107) or the Transportation office (973-543-7107 ext 502).

School dismisses at 3:35, most buses are pulling out by 3:47. Depending on where your bus stop is along the route and where the bus is located in the line up will determine the drop off time. You can assume your child will be home between 3:47 and 4:30. After the first few days you will know the exact time of drop off on a daily basis.

Bus Safety

When you are waiting for the school bus, you should wait at the bus stop and stand well back from the curb.

When you get off the bus:

  • Look to the rear of the bus before you step off the bottom step. Our friends at the Pupil Transportation Safety Institute tell us that more and more motorists are passing stopped school buses on the right shoulder - where the door is.
  • Take (five giant steps) straight out the bus door, and out of the danger zone.
  • Make sure you have eye contact with the driver, and wait for the driver to signal you before you cross in front of the bus.
  • Never go back for anything you have left on the bus.
  • Never bend down near or under the bus.


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Lost and Found

There is a lost and found located at each school. Most of the time, when an item is left on a school bus the driver will hold on to it until the student claims it, which is usually within a few days. After announcing the found item several times during the week,the driver will then bring the item into the school office, and it will eventually end up in the lost and found.

Please do not hesitate to call 973-543-7107 ext 502 if you have any questions or concerns about a lost item.