The Mendham Township School District’s nutrition committee has partnered with Pomptonian Food Service to introduce innovations to the school lunch program!

Delicious, Nutritious, Convenient


Pomptonian has put together a menu that is healthy, tasty, and visually appealing. The menu features anincreasing variety of freshly prepared selections such as All Natural Chicken Tenders, extensive Garden Fresh Vegetables on the Salad Bar with Homemade Tuna, Egg, Chicken Breast, and Cottage Cheese Salads. An increased variety of Homemade, Nutritious Meals are now offered Fresh fruits and vegetables are available with every lunch.


Pomptonian sources high-quality ingredients and infuses healthy options into kid-appealing meals. Our All Natural Selections contain no antibiotics, preservative, hormones, or nitrates. All Deli Selections feature Boar’s Head brand deli meats and cheese. All meals are prepared fresh each day right here in your Child’s School and overseen by ServSafe certified management to ensure that foods are prepared and served at optimum temperatures.


In addition to the complete meal selections offered in the cafeteria, assorted healthful beverages are available to supplement the meal. 100% Juice, Pure Bottled Water, or Low-Fat White or Non-Fat Flavored Milk are the beverages available for purchase. Also available for snacking are a variety of Whole Grain Rich choices, at least four different Gluten-Free Snacks, Fresh Cut Fruit Salads, and Hummus with Pretzels. All Snacks or Beverages offered do not contain High Fructose Corn Syrup.


Pomptonian brings Mendham Township schools into the new food movement; increasing quality while keeping costs reasonable. Elementary lunches are offered at $3.50 or Tiger’s Choice Lunches for $4.25. Middle School lunches are offered at $3.75 or Village Choice Lunches for $4.25. Get ready for a whole new School Lunch experience!

Payment Options

Advantages of Pre-Pay Options:

  • Speeds service for your child and all students
  • No need to find cash in the morning
  • No wondering "where did my change go?"
  • Ability to monitor how your child spent their money in the cafe
  • No more lost lunch money

How do I sign up?

Log on to

You will need your child's student ID number


This new option allows you to use your checking account to add to your student's balance. There is a flat fee of $1.25 which can be a great savings compared to the credit card option.


You can place money on your child's account from your home computer. There is a convenience fee of 4.75% for this service.


The cafeteria will accept checks. Your child can bring the check to school and access that money the same day. There is no fee with this option. This is your best value for prepayment. Make checks payable to "Mendham Board of Education Cafeteria Account". Please be sure to put your student's ID # in the memo section of your check.


Of course we will continue to accept cash. It is not as fast or as sleek as the other cashless options, but it works.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Donna Mosner, Business Administrator/ Board Secretary:
(973) 543-7107 x 305
Fax (973) 543-5537