Board Goal #1: 

The Board of Education will develop systems to monitor implementation of the Restart and Recovery to Open Schools by engaging Board Committees in specific actions to support and review successes and needs throughout the school year.  Board Committees will ensure the entire Board of Education remains updated on the specific areas under their purview.  

Board Goal #2:

The Board of Education is committed to equity and excellence in every facet of the District operations.  The Board will work throughout the year to review the policies, practices, and structures in our school system to ensure equity based on race, gender, sexual orientation, and ethnicity.  Board review in 2020-2021 will include the following areas:

  • Staff and Leadership Training Programs

  • Hiring and Recruiting Practices

  • Culturally Responsive Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Practices

Board Goal #3: 

The Board of Education will strive to have effective and efficient Board meetings, and maintain the highest level of boardsmanship by continuing participation in NJSBA-sponsored training and meetings, with the ultimate goal of becoming a NJSBA-certified Board of Education.