Board of Education

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The Mendham Township Board of Education is comprised of seven elected members. Regular public meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of every month at 7:30PM at Mendham Township Elementary School. Please be sure to consult the meeting schedule for any changes to the times and dates. Meeting agendas are available prior to each meeting. Minutes for each meeting are posted shortly after the close of each session. The public is encouraged to attend board meetings and is invited to participate in the public portion of the meeting. Please follow the links for Meeting Agendas, Meeting Minutes, and an Archive of past meeting minutes.

Meetings of the Board of Education will be back to in person starting with the July 20, 2021 meeting.

Mrs. Joan Mody
Ad Hoc Diversity - Chair
Mr. Andrew Christmann


Operations & Finance - Chair
Policy & Planning - Member

New Jersey School Boards Association - Delegate

Mrs. Rochelle Abraham
Personnel & Human Resources - Member
Curriculum & School Programs - Member
Morris County Educational Services Commission - Alternate 
Mr. Adam Dubeck
Personnel & Human Resources - Chair
Operations & Finance - Member
Ad Hoc - ESIP - Member

Morris County Educational Services Commission - Delegate

Mr. Peter Dumovic
Policy & Planning - Chair
Personnel & Human Resources - Member
Morris County School Boards Association - Delegate
Dr. Rekha Mandel
Curriculum & School Programs - Chair
Operations & Finance - Member
Ad Hoc Diversity - Member
New Jersey School Boards Association - Delegate
Mr. Thomas Keeling
Curriculum & School Programs - Member
Policy & Planning- Member
Ad Hoc - ESIP - Chair

Morris County School Boards Association - Delegate