Mendham Township School District


ACH Electronic Checking

This new option allows you to use your checking account to add to your student's balance. There is a flat fee of $1.25 which can be a great savings compared to the credit card option.


Credit Card

You can place money on your child's account from your home computer. There is a convenience fee of 4.75% for this service.



The cafeteria will accept checks. Your child can bring the check to school and access that money the same day. There is no fee with this option. This is your best value for prepayment. Make checks payable to "Mendham Board of Education Cafeteria Account". Please be sure to put your student's ID # in the memo section of your check.

Good Old Cash

Of course we will continue to accept cash. It is not as fast or as sleek as the other cashless options, but it works.


Advantages of Pre-Pay Options:

  • Speeds service for your child and all students
  • No need to find cash in the morning
  • No wondering "where did my change go?"
  • Ability to monitor how your child spent their money in the cafe
  • No more lost lunch money

How do I sign up?

Log on to

You will need your child's student ID number


Thomas Kryger

Business Administrator/ Board Secretary

(973) 543-7107 x 230

Fax (973) 543-5537