Mendham Township School District

Down to Earth  

Who is invited to the Down to Earth Spring Fundraiser?

The event is open to all Mendham Township School District families and their guests.


What is the Down to Earth Spring Fundraiser?

The Down to Earth Spring Fundraiser is an exciting luncheon event, and this year’s primary fundraiser for the Mendham Township HSA. The Down to Earth luncheon includes raffling of baskets and prizes, bidding on silent auction items, shopping a boutique of unique local vendors, mingling with school administrators and honored teachers, and of course, socializing with great friends! 


Where and when will the Down to Earth Spring Fundraiser take place?

The event will take place at Spring Brook Country Club, which is located at 9 Spring Brook Road in Morristown.  The event will take place on Friday, April 7th, from 11:00am until 2:30pm.

When you arrive at the country club, follow the signs to the main parking area.  There is also overflow parking near the pool and tennis courts.  Enter the main clubhouse via the double doors.  You will be greeted just inside the entrance at our check-in table.


What does Down to Earth mean?

Down to Earth has many meanings.  It speaks to the extraordinary qualities that we find on Earth; qualities that our School District has chosen to make a concerted effort to sustain.  There is no better place to be or to send our children.  The Down to Earth Spring Fundraiser recognizes this sustainability effort with a simplistic approach to its décor and tone.  It also incorporates in its colors, Kelly Green and Sandalwood - the Earth’s natural colors.  So escape from your routine for a moment to relax and enjoy a celebration of the extraordinary qualities that make up our Mendham Township School District family. 


What will proceeds from the Down to Earth Spring Fundraiser be used for?

Our goal is to raise $20,000 at this one-day event.  Event proceeds will be used to fund SMART Board replacements and sound field system additions at MTES and MTMS. 

Don’t we have SMART Boards already?  Although each and every classroom at MTES and MTMS have SMART Boards, they are nearing the end of their useful lives.   MTSD plans to replace all existing SMART Boards over a multi-year period.  The HSA would love to jumpstart this project to ensure that our students benefit from the latest technology available.

What is a sound field system?  MTMS would like to enhance all the classrooms with sound field systems.   Classroom sound field systems are basically a Public Access (PA) system with the inclusion of wireless microphone.  As the teacher talks into the microphone, his/her voice is transmitted to a specialized receiver/amplifier that is connected to a loudspeaker.  The purpose of the system is to ensure that the teacher's voice is clearly heard above the background sounds throughout the classroom.  There is an abundance of research supporting the significant positive effects on children using these systems.


Is this the Table Top Luncheon of the past?

Although Table Top Luncheons of the past were a big hit with our District families, there are some changes to take the work out of the event for our guests.  No need to arrange a table of 10 friends, and no need to come up with a table theme and/or fabulous centerpiece to decorate your table.  Simply purchase your event ticket and come enjoy a day out with fellow Mendham Township families.  You can still take a gamble on winning some baskets via the basket raffle or silent auction. You can still have fun shopping at our unique vendors, and/or just socialize and enjoy the day!


What do I wear?

We want to keep it casual – well, Country Club Casual.  No denim or sneakers are permitted at Spring Brook Country Club.  Want to score extra bonus points with our event co-chairs?  Add a little “green” color to your outfit to go with our Down to Earth theme.


How do I purchase Event Tickets? 

Event tickets are $75 per person and can be purchased on the HSA store website by credit card, or checks can be mailed in with the RSVP form (go to and click on the Down to Earth - RSVP Form).  Make sure to check out our SPECIAL OFFER ($125 for event ticket, a 50/50 ticket and 2 raffle ticket sheets).  Event ticket sales are open now and will close on Monday, April 3rd.


When do I preorder Basket Raffle tickets?

Basket raffle tickets are available now for presale.  You may purchase your raffle tickets on the HSA store website by credit card, or checks can be mailed in with the RSVP form (go to and click on the Down to Earth - RSVP Form).  Pre-sale tickets are discounted ($25 for a sheet of 20), so make sure to buy early! Pre Sales will close on April 3rd.  Basket raffle tickets will also be available the day of the event ($30 for a sheet of 20).  Your raffle tickets will be given to you at check-in the day of the Event. 


How can I contribute to the Event as a MTSD family?

There are many options for families to help contribute to the success of this Fundraiser.  Select any one or more of the below options – whatever suits your family best.

1.      Contribute cash or items to your child’s class basket collection.

2.      Donate an item to the Committee for use in the Silent Auction, Basket Raffle or Mason Jar Surprise.

3.      Purchase an Event Ticket and come enjoy the day. 

4.      Provide a monetary donation to the Event that will go directly towards the Technology upgrades at both schools.

5.      Call the Committee Co-Chairs to see if you can volunteer some of your time to help in the planning process.

6.      Spread the word to your friends about the Event. 

7.      Purchase a “Select 10 Baskets” raffle ticket if you cannot attend the Event.

8.      Get your shop on at the Down to Earth vendor boutique.

9.      Carpool with your friends to the Event to help conserve gas.


What is a Mason Jar Surprise?

A limited number of table centerpieces will be for sale via pre-sale purchase.  Our signature table centerpieces will go with our Down to Earth theme.  They will be mason jars filled with fresh spring flowers.  But that is not all!  Each Mason Jar Centerpiece will be numbered.  At the conclusion of the Event, simply pick out your Mason Jar Centerpiece and head to the checkout desk.  We will match your number with a numbered “Surprise” gift.  The Surprise gift is just that – a surprise!  Each Surprise gift will have a minimum value of $25, but could easily be worth much, much more. Take a chance – you never know what Surprise is in store for you!


I am disappointed that I cannot attend – how can I still participate in the Event?

Donations are greatly appreciated and help us support the technology enhancements at our schools. Donations can be made through the HSA store website or via the RSVP form (go to and click on the Down to Earth - RSVP Form).  You can also purchase a “Select 10 Baskets” raffle ticket.


What is a “Select 10 Baskets” raffle ticket?

For those folks who cannot attend the Event but would like to take a chance on winning some wonderful baskets, you can purchase the “Select 10 Baskets” raffle ticket sheet (20 tickets).  A Down to Earth committee member will place 2 tickets into each of the “Select 10 Baskets” on your behalf.  The 10 baskets will be pre-selected by the Down to Earth Committee and will be posted online by April 1st.


Other Down to Earth questions?
Contact Event Co-Chairs Dawn Matteo at or Dana Feldman at  They are happy to answer any of your questions.